Heel Romantisch! <3 <3

For the majority of the weekend, it was spent studying and completing homework, ready for Monday’s lesson. Although, we needed to visit the shop again to stock up for this week’s food. Yasbe and I chose to work together Saturday night learning general phrases for the market and supermarket, hoping to put them to use the next day. I cycled with Jennifer and Grace, who I would be eating with since we share the kitchen, to the local Lidl in Postjesweg about 10 minutes away. We did most of our shopping in Lidl trying to talk as much Dutch as possible, asking what days should we eat this, which ingredients, and it was a good exercise! It particularly helps with remembering the word order and vocabulary. For the remainder of the groceries that needed buying, we went to the Albert Heijn which is just around the corner from Lidl. Yasbe asked if we could request the saving stamps when we got to the check out called, ‘Zegeltjes‘. It wasn’t until a couple of days after that we realised that they were called zegeltjes, we just made a word that the cashier still understood at the time! There were some pretty good meal plans for this week, for Sunday night we made fajitas.

Fortunately, Monday was a later start for groups 3 and 4 so that allowed us to get a longer sleep and do some studying in the morning. Usually, the most important part is reading and understanding the text that we will be studying in the following lesson since it makes it easier to understand some of the exercises that we will be doing. Lesson six on Monday was a continuation of ‘Gevoelens‘, from the previous lesson. It was a very love infused lesson with one of the first tasks being a mix and match of various phrases distrubitued randomly across the group. We all received two slips of paper with the start or the end of a sentence. Without showing anybody else, we had to find the pair which created the full sentence by walking around the room and saying our sentences aloud.



What I haven’t yet told you is that they were chat up lines written in Dutch! This is what my pair wrote, “Weet je wat raar is? Ik kan niet vliegen, maar toch ben ik in de wolken“. If I was to translate it to english, it would read, “Do you know what rare is, I can’t fly but I am in the clouds” ❤ ❤


It was a very romantic lesson until near the end where the romance sank into the ground…

It was necessary for us to write an SMS message on a paper mobile template in order to end a non existent relationship. Who does that, who ends a relationship over phone anyway 😀 But nevertheless, it was by far the funniest task we have done so far. We each read out our messages, some of them were hilarious and literally had the class almost crying with laughter as we all know it is just for fun, and its interesting to see what people had to say. I think the one beginning with ‘Hoi!’ was a good one and another ending in ‘Veel success!’. If you have a partner, I recommend that you do not send these, even if they do not understand Dutch. Google Translate will provide a suitable translation to understand the meaning behind the message. For the dignity of the others, I will not put names to any of the messages, they are anonymous. 😀

Je houdt niet van mij. Ik houd niet van jou. Het is klaar.”, – You don’t love me. I don’t love you. It is finished.

Hallo, het spijt me, maar we kunnen samen nog niet zijn. Ik vind jou niet slim of mooi, en ik wil alleen zijn. Veel success.”, – Hello, please excuse me, but we can’t be together anymore. I don’t find you smart or pretty, I want to be alone. Good luck.

Ik heb geen gevoelens meer voor jou. Ik heb een nieuw meisje gevonden, dus ik ben klaar met je. Jij bent gedumpt.”, – I don’t have feelings for you anymore. I have found a new girl and so I am finished with you. You are dumped.



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