Alles is Liefde

Tuesday is movie night! But, you call me a boring because I wasn’t really feeling the movie tonight. The film being showed was ‘Alles is Leifde’, of course, a Dutch movie which is almost a sequel from the more commonly known, ‘Love Actually’. Bart organised an extra one hour tuition open to everyone who wished to cover a topic from the course #dutchgrammar. After the original lesson which ended at 5PM, some of us, including myself congregated in the other classroom and was given the opportunity to ask questions over topics which we felt most difficult in the course #dutchgrammar, which is the course available on for beginners. Kate suggested modal verbs since they generally follow an irregular conjugation and are used in various circumstances. The main examples of modal verbs are: Kunnen– can; Moeten– need; Mogen– must; Willen– want and Hoeven– need (used with negation.)

Bart explained the concept of when modal verbs are used and asked various people to make a sentence using the modal verbs. It almost became a story-line where the next person would follow on from the sentence of the other person. It puts your brain into active mode. But that wasn’t the primary activity of this session. We integrated the topic into a game that is commonly known as ‘who am I’. A member of the group was taken aside and given the name of a person. It was then our job to find out who they were by asking them questions. Easy right? Well there is always a catch. The catch this time around was that we had to create a question using a modal verb or the ‘om, te’ structure, which is another subject that we covered in this session. Of course,  only in Dutch!

It’s not as eIMG_6606.JPGasy as you think only being able to use two sentence structures, and you can’t ask the same questions. Some questions we good: ‘Kunt jij de vrouw WC gebruiken‘, literally, ‘Can you use the female WC?’. That can determine whether they are male or female. Some questions weren’t so good, ‘Kunt jij groenten snijden‘, ‘Can you cut vegetables?’. Ok that might have been my question, buttt, it’s difficult when you have no idea and there’s a time limit. Although, the grammar was good.

It was nice to have our questions answered but also keep the fun spirit going even after a hard day of studying. But for myself, I headed back to the hotel with a few others. We spent the evening studying together, completing unfinished tasks but also discussing topics that we were still not completely confident about. Luckily there is a chalk board in the kitchen which made it easier for us to signify parts of the sentences and be interactive with them. There was a particular topic which is fairly difficult as a Dutch learner which involves, ‘Waar, Daar, Hier and Er.‘. But that is something that is explained in #dutchgrammer-2 on

From tomorrow our classes will start at 9AM until Friday, which is the last day of lessons at the dutchwinterschool 2017. So an early night is important, I don’t want t oversleep again!

Tot dan!


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