Amsterdam Light Festival

Obviously homework comes first, but the handy part of a morning class is that it gives you the rest of the day. So I sat and did my homework before going out into Amsterdam, I wasn’t there to shop like the others, I just liked the feeling of being there. Although, I could really do with a pair of gloves since my fingers have almost fallen off over the past couple of rides to the school, #winterschool. We visited various shops, but none of the ones that we visited sold the gloves. I had a little look around Dam Square too whilst the other guys were shopping, I also bought a Nutella filled chocolate muffin whilst I was there too. The girl that served us spoke to us in English, plus we were tired so we just went along with it. She was also leaving whilst we was and so I commented, ‘Ben je klaar?‘ – meaning, are you finished? In the context of her work, she raised her eyebrows and replied in Dutch, asking if I actually spoke the language. Pfffff, not too great but that’s why I’m here. She said it’s nice to know that people want to learn it and told us to keep using it. A bit of inspiration!

Throughout this month in Amsterdam, it is the ‘Amsterdam Light Festival’ Across various points of the Herengracht are various light shows. It was only since a close friend of mine suggested to me to visit a particular bench on Leidsestraat, that reminded me about the light festival. So we saw the ‘Flower Strip’ and ‘Bridge of the Rainbow’.

We was a little short of time though since Jennifer was due to cook dinner back in our kitchen at the student residence and we didn’t want to be late. It’s almost the end of the Wednesday of the second week, I can’t believe how fast the time is going. It’s always nice to see a bit more of Amsterdam every time, there’s always loads of things still to be seen.

P1500988.JPGWe got back in time for dinner, Jennifer had marinaded some chicken that we bought from Lidl and accompanied it with a few things. Lekerrrrr.

The farewell meal will be held tomorrow, where it will be the last social event in which the Dutch Winter School get together. It’s a shame that as quickly as it all started, it’s all coming to an end.


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