Huiswerk Huiswerk Huiswerk

We have made it to the end of chapter 4 about ‘Onderwijs‘, education. Towards the middle of the book, there is becoming increasingly more vocabulary to remember, this is probably the most difficult part of studying that I have experienced since the two weeks. It’s one of those things where it needs to be repeated so you can start to remember it. I am generally the person who asks, ‘Wat betekent…‘, – asking what a word means. Kirsten, being the great teacher that she is, creates a lovely sentence with the word in order for us to figure out the purpose of the word. I seem to struggle more when I think in English and translate the words, whereas it is totally better to use the word in Dutch sentences to become more familiar with its use. Besides, not all words have a direct translation so its important to do it this way, but of course, two weeks won’t be enough become fluent with them, its something that I will have to continue after the course. That’s something I will definitely do.

This chapter also covered the form of some adjectives. It was more of an ooooh, ahhh moment when Kirsten showed us how the verbs converted into adjectives by taking the singular first person of the verb and adding ‘baar‘, the more that we converted the more happy we became 😀 Obviously it’s not always that easy, it’s Dutch remember, don’t be fooled! For example: Scheiden —> Scheidbaar. Scheiden means to separate or split up, or more unfortunatley, divorce. But for this example, ‘scheidbare werkwoord‘, means separable verb. We compared the different sentence structure of the Scheidbare werkword in three different tenses. The presence, imperfect and perfect as well as with modal verbs and the om-te construction. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether a verb is separable or not, but whenever the stress is on the first part of the verb, then you know it is separable and the prefix is often moved to the end of the sentence, depending on the sentence that it is used in.

Today we was given a hefty amount of homework, but that’s what I signed up for! Since we are a morning class we have the whole afternoon to complete it, but actually tonight Yasbe and Grace wanted to go into town for shopping. To be honest, I will take any opportunity to go back into Amsterdam with people, its such an incredible city. I suppose that’s the only downside to studying in Amsterdam :D.


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