Nearing The End

Today was picture day for group three, a reflection on our achievements and hard work over the two weeks as a group. Tonight we will be celebrating our last social activity together in the event of a meal in Amsterdam (yes, another trip to the centre! :D)

We discussed about questions with the homework this morning and started on the chapter five, ‘Buitenlanders in Nederland‘, us! But this proved to be a fairly difficult section of the book, with lots of new vocabulary, so there were some confused faces around the room (including that of my own.) We covered as much as possible of this chapter since tomorrow is primarily subjects that we wish to cover and reflections over the chapters. We got to play a cool game (as usual) , it involved having a picture of a typical Nederland house stuck on your back, out of your vision. Ok, this was a difficult game because the names of the houses were rather obscure, but it showed the cracks in our knowledge of the language. Even the easy things like, floor levels and curtains, forgotten. Anyway, the idea was to get other people to describe to you the house that was on your back, but you had to draw it!

Some people had easy ones like Clive, he had a boat home. That one was easy to describe right? ‘Hij ligt op de water‘, – it’s on water. When I mentioned gaps in knowledge, that probably includes my art skills, certainly not Dutch B1 standard. On the other hand, I wasn’t too far off. It makes it easier when the person describes: ‘Ok, deur, raam raam, deur, raam raam, deur’. But Lara’s drawing was almost spot on, I take my hat off to her for being good at art.

Today Hekim is jaIMG_6713.JPGarig! Aka, it’s his birthday, and when there’s birthday’s, there’s cake! Homemade too, it was soooo good. There almost seems a pattern that everyday someone brings a treat, but I’m not complaining of course 😀

Unfortunately, we are nearing the end of the course minute by minute, second by second. Another day has gone by and that just leaves one last left, so today we had a group photo in remembrance of the great memories that we’ve made as a group and fun that we’ve had.

I’m sure Yasbe would tell you all about amazing experience of it too!




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