The Last Supper

Kirsten was a little more relaxed with the homework for tonight, after all, most will be joining us for the dinner at Cafe restaurant Amsterdam. It was more important to just have a look through the chapters that we’ve covered and making sure that we understood them, otherwise it is something that we can bring up in tomorrow’s lesson, the final lesson.

One other iconic display in Amsterdam that we have still yet to see is the IAmsterdam sign located in front of Rijksmuseum. With less than two days left and a late afternoon free, now was the time to see it and get it checked off from the list. It took a little longer for us to get there than expected since there was a little confusion with the trams and buses, but it was nice to finally see it in person. I took some pictures for another group of people also visiting whilst we was there, they took some for us too, it really gives you the tourist feeling. Of course we didn’t want to be late for the meal, so we snapped as many articulate photos that we could before jumping back on the tram for the restaurant.




Just made it in time for the meal where there was a hugeeee table laid out for the winter school, it was nice to see some of the other people from the different groups again. Some I had only seen at the welcome meeting. We had a nice meal and Rafao even tried a very typical Dutch cuisine, the Herring.


Most of us were getting tired so decided to get back to the hotel and grab a couple of drinks there before heading up to sleep. Tomorrow will be the last of the winter school.


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