Today really was the last day at the Dutch Winter School, Amsterdam 2017. It’s surprising how quickly two weeks can come around, but it was definitely two weeks well spent.

For the last lesson, we discussed queries that we had over particular topics of dutch grammar. After all, our port of call for advice would no longer be available everyday from after today, so it was important to ask your questions now. We talked about some Dutch proverbs and typical sayings that you may here a Dutch person use. It’s sometimes difficult to recognise the meaning of some sayings since sometimes they make no sense to someone that is learning the language. But it is the same in most languages and they’re something that you will become familiar with if you remember their meanings. In a similar manor that we learned some Dutch chat-up lines, the sentences were separated and we needed to match them together by asking around the class. However, this task proved to be slightly more difficult than the other one.

A the end of our last lesson, of course, we listened to one final song: Parijs (Praat Nederlands met me.) It was a mooi liedje, and a slow one, so it was easier to find the missing words in the lyrics. Kirsten appeared to like this one too. Ik neem je mee is still my favorite though. Unfortunately that was our last though, and the time was 1PM. We met with Bart and the other class B1-B2 joined us for a celebration (drinks courtesy of Bart.)

Ellen, the Nederlands docent for class B1-B2 firstly presented the certificates for her class,

Patrycja receiving her congratulations from Ellen

and then of course, Kirsten present our certificates. For a lot of people, today would be the last time that they would see the students of the Dutch Winter School 2017 so many goodbye’s, farewell’s were given at the school. But of course, many people will keep in touch for the future, especially me. The other two classes were still to have their last lesson after we had finished, but this is their group photo after their last lesson.




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